27 August 2013

Rage Against the Machine - Kick Out the Jams (Live)

Evening all.
Mix of things again. The chune - this bad boy.  You know RATM and how they really were quite the most fantastically rebellious band - 20 years ago.  Which makes this cover on their final studio album (of covers) even more poignant.

Bit manic. And notably far more listenable to than the original by MC5 back in the 60s.  The MC5 were a sort of proto - hippy -punk anarchist band that were so objectionable to "the man" that they jailed their manager to stop them performing.  It kind of worked - they managed one album and it all blew up.

The ideology keeps ticking with RATM, and such like.  In fact, very few bands have ideals which they so proudly wear.

That must have terrified Mr and Mrs Normalton in the 60s. However - you can see the inspiration they made to bands such as the Stooges and the rest of the noise/punk aspect of American music in the 60s and 70s.

So why this track?

I've been running.  I've been quite happy with the "Couch to 5k" app, which has done me proud. - No complaints from my end. It's a great idea - working you from the Couch, through 12 weeks of 3 days a week of running to 5k.  Well - in theory that is correct.  In practice I have reached a certain point twice which nearly stopped me stone cold.
The ideology is that interval training is the way forward to get lard asses like me super-fit.  Well - have I got news for them - I don't want to run a marathon.  I just want to (a) be healthier and (b) live a bit longer. If I wanted to be sexier, I would get surgery. If I wanted to be thinner I would take speed.
I don't.  I want to enjoy myself and be healthier.

The intervals started off fine - a minute on, 2 off, working slowly up to 3 on, 3 off - then a mixture of 3 on and 5 on, with 2 minute cool downs.  However the following week it just jumps straight up to bloody 8 minutes, twice, with a 3 minute break in the middle.  Well - let me tell you - No. Bloody. Way.  The first set of 8 minutes I managed - but the second - not a chance. The very next day, it happily told me "20 minutes - GO!".

Well, bullshit.

No way Jose. It's worse than that, in fact. The disappointment I felt being physically unable to run that far just stopped me. Kicked me in the guts and brought me back down to earth.
"You are a failure" it said to me, "Just give up you fat, ugly sack of balding shite"

I went and updated my XBox, played on Minecraft and ate crisps. "Fuck this" I thought. Brought me right down.

Except I know that sometimes we do fail.  I knew there was no way someone who has done no exercise in 16 years could follow a non-specific training program and win.  I'm smart enough to know my limits and how I can increase my stamina.  I say 15 seconds extra a day.  Thats an extra minute in 4 days. However, increasing at a decent rate - not doubling overnight.

So at the moment my morning regime is 5 minutes warm up, 7:30 min run, 5 min cool down, 7 min run, 5 min cool down, 5 min run, 5 min cool down. My idea is that I will increase the first 2 by 15 seconds a day. Each day. The last 5 minutes is equivalent to having a "healthy pudding" after a meal. A bit of fun and sweat.

Every evening I am now going to do rapid interval training. 5 minutes warm up, then 1 minute fast run and 1 minute walk for about 16 reps. This is supposedly good for fat burning and building stamina. The truth is somewhat weirder.

I'm getting a kick out of this exercise lark. A physical and mental kick. Very odd. It's even quite addictive. I need to run in the evening after a day at work to get rid of the energy and anger. This track came on and it was JUST the right pace. It was the right length, the right volume and the right time signature. The right anger. Anger is an energy as Mr Lydon once sang.  How right he was.

24 August 2013

Back once again it's the Renegade Master...

Well. Am I back? I don't really know.

A lot has happened in the last year and this bitchy moany thing about music doesn't cut it.

I've changed my life beyond all recognition - and it had to be done.

A grotesque lump of self-deluded lard who slumped in his own feculance day after day, not doing shit.  It's funny how depression is self-feeding.  The more you fall into it, the worse it gets.

So I stopped this. It didn't seem healthy. I dieted. I have taken up running. I changed my job.  I've stopped doing certain things which were unhealthy. However, bad things happened too. I spent 3 months nursing a relative through their last days.

What this means is that this site is no longer completely relevant to my life.  In a way it was all I had, as I had cut everything else out. But I had to add things back in.  I spent 16 years essentially hiding from the outside world. Not progressing myself at all. I spoke to people, but it was a puppet, making acceptable noises.
So what to do.... I get addicted quickly. All sorts of things. I got addicted to healthy eating. To the point of borderline OCD and malnutrition. I got addicted to running. Bust my knees, blisters covered my feet. It's not healthy.  The good is that I lost a lot of weight and am a bit fitter. The bad is that my mind is all over the place all of the time.

Getting serotonin running through your veins instead of non-prescription medicine is an odd thing to get used to. I'm more emotional, sensitive and my moods go higher and lower. Yes, yes, I've turned into an even bigger woman than I was before. You win a prize Mr comedian.

I found writing helped with some issues I was dealing with before, and perhaps it will again. So I will be writing about music again. And weight loss and running and dealing with shit.  When and how often - I do not know. But I start now.

The Who - Behind Blue Eyes.

I had spent an evening browsing YouTube (at this point I still hadn't re-joined My Single Friend) and came across just the bass of john Entwhistle playing Won't Be fooled Again. Great stuff.  And YouTube bing YouTube - an hour later you are still there clicking around.  And I came across this beauty.

I had forgotten what a great song it was. Heartbreaking first half then certainly the live version without the shitty solo rocks amazingly well.
I must have listened to this a dozen times the next day.


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