13 September 2013

King Missile - Martin Scorsese

Great run this evening. Shouldn't have been.  I should have been angrier than a scotsman with a papercut on his helmet. But I was happy the whole goddam time. I had been looking forward to a run all day and nothing was going to stop me.

To get yourself in my head listen to this.  I was.

Now thats the uncensored version. Odd isn't it? I'll shove the original video (with no swearing) at the end today. It's even stranger.

How much love and appreciation is in that song. Tons. How much horrid visuals and violent language is there? Even more. I take it as a tribute to his visual storytelling style (up until recently anyway) think of how shocking mean streets was. Great stuff.

And thats how I felt this evening. I was looking forward to a run at the end of the week. I had got some Chai seeds, new running shoes had turned up and a new head torch.
It's been dark when I run in the morning and in the evening and I would like to live a little longer. Being seen would help. I'm still in two minds about Chai seeds. If you don't know they are supposed to be "The mystical runners secret food". Who knows. You soak them in water and they get gelatinous. Like frogspawn. Or if you add milk to it, it looks like Shreks man juice.
The shoes though are nice.  I've been running in Karrimor trail shoes. So I bought a real pair of Nike things. And they bounce nicely, there is no unevenness to them - they do let the water in, but you can't have everything.
Does that look a bit like a penis?

Whether it was the seeds or the shoes, or the pint at lunchtime, or the built up anger, or the fact it was Friday - I don't know.  I managed best time, distance and felt great. Ran for about an hour (on for 1 min / off for 1 min) and was buzzing. I could have gone longer but it was pissing down and dark. I was soaked to the skin and the roads were at best dangerous, at worst, suicidal.  I certainly got wetter from the cars than the sky...
Yeah - basically that. But not fake. I have no idea what my pace was like compared to other people - don't care. Was faster than usual - and no exhaustion. Which is a good sign.  Hopefully I can get to 10k this weekend. YEAH!!!!!

10 September 2013

The Orb / Keiichi Suzuki - Satellite Serenade (Transasianexpress Mix)

Not a running tune today - a calm down dear tune. And a true beauty at that.

I know Les Bell writes the Orb off as "Ten minute songs with all introduction and no body" but this is a little different.

Now - admittedly if you want a bass line - you will have to wait until at least five minutes are up before this remix kicks off. But that's the joy of ambient dance/dub music.  The slow development, the way little lines grow and mold into each other - the fun David Attenborough sample at the beginning, the delicate plucked guitar notes ringing out across a seemingly open plain.  And if you wait until 8 and a half minutes in, it changes again into a form of Goa Trance.

I know why I really like it - it sends me back to another time, of comfort, ease and happiness. However, it is a truly great tune - it relaxes me. As does the two albums it appears on - Sacha and Digweeds "Northern Exposure" and The Orbs "Auntie Aubrey's Excursions Beyond The Call of Duty (The Orb Remix Project)". Go and buy both of them for a great mid nineties kickback.  If just one - get the second. It has great Primal Scream, Material and Killing Joke mixes too. Mmmmmmm.

Enjoy this Zodiac Youth mix as a calm down....

What super 90s graphics.  I used to own tons of videos of that crap...

However, I'm also wanting to write about running apps today. I've been through a few - and some just plain annoyed me. Save your time...

1. Couch to 5k (Active.com) - A great first running app. Pros - You can change the voice of the feedback - it gives great help in keeping going, timing and the plan appears to be well thought out. Cons - Absolutely no leeway - if you can't follow their timetable you are likely to fail - I nearly did.

2. Zombies! 5k. A zombie version of the above. Nope. I bought it, tried it. Uninstalled it the same day. Now don't get me wrong - I like running, I like zombies - they managed to ruin both of them.

3. Runtastic Pro - Was great, now sucks. Hell - I paid for an app! Pros - you can nicely record various exercises - walking, running, bike racing - it plots your route you can look at it after - nice. Cons - Or rather you could - now maps are only available for subscription. Now I don't have a problem with charging for things - not, however, when they were available, then take them away. Not cool. Also the voice feedback on your planned training could only be changed slightly. Really bloody annoying being told you were too slow, 30 seconds to go, 20 seconds to go, 10 seconds 3, 2, 1 - EVERY minute for 40 minutes of impact training. Had to uninstall for that reason alone.

4. Map my Run + Seems a good idea - had it on for a few days - Pros - it shows locally uploaded routes by other members, their times and challenges you to beat them. Cons - you can't add in training schedules - it merely records and compares routes.

5. Runkeeper. Now this is something I like so far. It understands training schedules, has scores of it's own (5ks to 50 miles and all abilities) the way it allows you to write your own is great and it allows you to turn on and off feedback happily as well as customise it. It records nicely - you can define your own routes, name them, share them - clean interface, fast GPS pickup. Cons - so far only that one voice is available and that there isn't an integrated music player - you have to start it up before you hit GO.

That said, managed to strain my groin today, pegging it though the backroads of home. Days like this, I wish I wasn't single. Really could do with a massage...

02 September 2013

Les Paul - Little Rock Getaway

Woop - a couple of great little celebrations.
Number 1 - managed 5k this evening. 46 minutes, I admit, but I bloody managed it. I will have to find a better route rather than the bizarre double figure of 8 I make around the village at the moment.

However the last track on the run was good old Les Paul....

Ok - I can't find video of him playing it - and for a pretty good reason. Les Paul invented how we record music.  No really. He invented Multi-Track recording, reverb, delay, pioneered low-impedance pickups and really disliked amps.
Huh?  No amps?  Yup, when playing in a club, he would just plug into the mixing desk and PA.  Nice.
He hated anything that got in the way of the string.

So why no video? Well, as well as multi-track recording, he found you could record at half speed, play the low notes, speed it back up and it sounds an octave higher. So.... you could play many fiddly guitar parts at half speed, lower down the neck, speed it up and sound amazing.  In fact, as he was the first to do it, everybody else sounded like him.
Cartoon music, incindental music - all came out of studio jockeys trying to sound like Les.
And this happy little number is just the thing to cheer me up after a day of failed, crappy Google Chrome implementation at work. too many people trying to use a system without (a) the correct computers (b) the bandwidth (c) any training.

I am hiding tomorrow upstairs to keep away from the monkeys. Balls to that.

And tomorrow mornings run should be amazing. Got to beat the 5k, 46 mins.....
What do people then measure? Rate? Or "Pace"? More distance?
God knows.  Not going to do a marathon.  Have some more Les...